Luigi Regianini, artist in painting, sculpture and graphic, was born in Milan in 1930.
He took a diploma in Art and Sculpture at Brera Art Academy. His teachers were Francesco Messina and Giacomo Manzù. He has also a teaching certificate in Painting and Art and has been a teacher of these subjects in a State School of Milan for more than twenty years.
Since the beginning of his artistic activity he has operated in the field of surrealism and fantastic. Regianini made a reputation with a number of exhibitions – 250 including collective and personal – in Italy and a broad (Basel, Montreal, Chicago).
His works can be found in private collections in Europe and in The United States of America, and qualified art criticism has been concerned with his painting. The name of Luigi Regianini can be read in art dictionaries as well as in school textbooks and review. This painter has often been commissioned to judge Art and Picture Competitions; he has also been appointed member of Commissions in several state examinations.
Luigi Regianini was one of the founders of the surrealist group “Stige” as well as of the cultural association “Il Pentacolo” of Milan.
Many years ago he was also appointed member of the Art Committee and of the Board of Directors of “La Famiglia Artistica Milanese” (a leading institution in the artistic life of Milan).
In 1979 and in 1982 two great anthological exhibitions were held at the National Science Museum in Milan with the support of the city of Milan and of Regione Lombardia: the former, including over 100 paintings, was named: “Regianini, 25 years of surrealism “.
Regianini has been recently awarded “L’Ambrogino d’Oro”, a prize from the City of Milan for his artistic merits.